Water Charges

Standby Charge – A standby charge per acre is levied to all lands in the service area. The current (2022) charge is $22.36 per acre. Standby charges pay the debt service associated with the construction groundwater banking projects (i.e. Pioneer Project and the Berrenda Mesa Project).

Base Water Tolls – A base water toll rate is established for each acre foot of water under landowner contract or reserved for lands not under contract, regardless of location in the District. Base water toll revenue pays for all District fixed costs other than power, and State water fixed costs. The 2022 base water toll rate, which consists of State fixed charges, is $196.42 per acre foot.

Incremental Water Tolls – An Incremental water toll is charged for each acre foot of water ordered each year and includes District power costs for pumping and State water variable costs. These costs vary depending on the pumping plants serving an area, and the turnout location from State facilities. 2022 District power costs range from $38 per acre foot up to $113 per acre foot. State water variable costs in 2022 are approximately $24.40 per acre foot at the California Aqueduct turnout and about $38.00 per acre foot at the Coastal Aqueduct turnouts.

Water Cost Summary – Water costs to farmers in 2022, including all increments of costs, range from $270.89 per acre foot to $345.89 per acre foot.


Water Charges current and prior years: